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Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement can be an extremely difficult skill for students to learn.

The Teaching Standards

This skill is introduced in the Tennessee State Teaching Standards beginning at the sixth grade level. While the Common Core State Standards do not use the words “thesis statement,” beginning in the first grade level, the standards say students must be able to introduce opinion pieces, and state an opinion. [This sounds like a thesis statement to me.] While I’m not sure that lower elementary students could begin to understand the complexity of the thesis statement, I do plan to continue teaching this skill to upper elementary students. 


I created a PowerPoint Presentation to use with my sixth graders. You can download by clicking on the image.

Thesis Statement PowerPointFoldable Organizers

To make the information a little easier, I have created a series of three foldable graphic organizers for students to complete while going over the PowerPoint. For the first two organizers, three versions are offered: one with blanks for students to write their own sentences; one with the sentences provided but with blank spaces for students to write in key words; and one with the answers provided. The third copy of the organizer may be used as an answer key, for differentiated instruction, for students who were absent during instruction, or if you wish for the students to have the sentences already completed. For the third organizer, students are to write example thesis statements, so only one version of the organizer is provided. You may get the printable organizers by simply clicking on any of the images below.

Free Thesis Statement Lesson with Organizers

 Free Teaching Materials - Pair the PowerPoint with the foldable organizer for a great lesson.

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