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Oct 10

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . Halloween

1.  Chocolate is the most popular type of Halloween candy. It makes up about three-fourths of all trick-or-treat candy.   Candy Type Sales Average Price Introduction Company $509.85 million $1.25 1928 Hershey $500.82 million $1.15 1941 Mars $456.91 million $1.11 1930 Mars $324.63 million $1.05 1900 Hershey $306.51 million $1.11 1935 Hershey $116.13 million $1.56 …

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Sep 22

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . Worms

1. Worms have not always lived in America. Many scientists believe that worms living in America were killed during the Ice Age approximately 10,000 to 50,000 years ago. During the 1600’s and 1700’s, Europeans brought worms to North America as they were forming the colonies. This was quite by accident. Colonists wanted to bring plants …

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Aug 05

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . Surviving in the Wilderness

1.   Water Humans need eight cups of water each day. When 1% of the total water weight of a person’s body is lost, the person will feel thirsty. Sixteen drops of bleach will treat one gallon of water. Approximately 4000 people are treated annually from drinking contaminated water in the United States. A person can …

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Jul 19

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Sun

1. Our sun is 4.59 billion years old. It is a Yellow Dwarf with a diameter of 1,392,684 kilometers. The surface temperature is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5500 degrees Celsius), and its core is around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (13,600,000 degrees Celsius). 2. The sun is 960,000 times bigger than Earth. It makes up around 99.86% …

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Jul 11

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Great Depression

  On October 29, 1929, the stock market lost $14 billion. During the week of Black Tuesday, the stock market lost $30 billion. This would be equivalent to $377,587,032,770.41 today. Dorothea Lange’s photo of Florence Thompson with several of her children has become a moving symbol to the Great Depression. In the photo, Florence Thompson …

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Jul 03

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Holocaust

Raoul Wallenberg, the First Secretary to the Swedish Embassy in Budapest in July 1944, is credited for rescuing more Jewish people during the Holocaust than any other person or nation. He rescued around 100,000 people by issuing “protective passports.” Wallenberg also rented over 30 buildings to house Jewish refugees. In front of these buildings, he …

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Jun 26

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The American Civil War

  1. In August 1863, while Abraham Lincoln was heading home from the White House someone took a shot at him. The bullet went through his hat. Lincoln asked the guards to keep the incident quiet because he did not want to worry his wife. 2. The first confrontation of the Civil War took place …

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