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Jan 25

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Story Elements

Peter Pan Story Elements   Peter Pan Story Elements This file contains the following: 5 Character Traits Booklets Graphic Organizers Plot Devices Types of Conflict  Links to Free Printable Anchor Charts for the following: Setting Point of View Theme Plot Development These printables are large enough to use as anchor charts. Print them out using …

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Sep 25

Point of View

Presenting Point of View  By using the comparison of a diorama, my students are able to begin to understand 1st and 3rd points of view. I tell the students that in first-person, you shrink yourself and become one of the characters within the diorama. If you were writing a story set in the diorama, you …

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Sep 11

Teaching Character Traits with Graphic Organizers

Teaching Character Traits Describing a character in depth including describing a character’s thoughts, words, or actions is an important Common Core Standard. Beginning in 5th grade students must also be able to compare characters. Listed below are a few ways to help students understand this important standard. #1 Use a Picture of the Character with …

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Aug 29

Activities for Teaching Setting in Literature

Teaching Setting Activity #1 I often teach the setting of a story by discussing genres. I ask students to name where and when a specific genre takes place.   Here is an example: Science Fiction  >> Outer Space  >> Future Fairy Tales >> Magical Kingdom  >> Usually Past Realistic Fiction >> Real Locations >> Usually Present …

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