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Jan 19

Prefix Spinner Game

  Teaching prefixes can be both fun and challenging. This simple game is a great way for students to practice. Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for some additional prefix resources to help with you study. Download the game here. Preparation:   Plan for a small group activity. Run off the spinner …

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Apr 27

Negative Prefixes

  Teaching students to use correct prefixes can be both fun and challenging. This post contains three resources to help teach negative prefixes: A mnemonic device anchor chart helps students remember when to use il-, im-, in-, ir-, and ig-. A teaching video ~~ I found this video extremely helpful. It’s length is a little under 15 minutes …

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Nov 09

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Word Study

Peter Pan Word Study    Peter Pan Word Study Organizers (Prefixes and Suffixes) This set of activities can be completed as part of your Peter Pan Book Unit or completely independent from the book. Begin your study by having students create foldable graphic organizers for the prefixes and suffixes. The unit focuses on the following: inter- fore- …

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Aug 13

Prefix and Suffix Puzzles

  In this activity, students practice creating words with prefixes and suffixes  using context clues. Here’s how the activity works: Using the Prefix and Suffix Puzzles: Students match up two puzzle pieces to form words. Students then read the sentences. They select the best word that will fit into the blank space of the sentence from …

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Jan 16

Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words Teaching Tip #1 Memorization Memorizing lists is not the most effective way to teach prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Sure, many students can learn definitions and pass a quiz. This helps little with application. Definitions are soon forgotten. Teaching Tip # 2 Association Students will remember prefixes, suffixes and root words if they can associate them with …

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