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Strategies for Teaching Context Clues

Introducing Context Clues By turning the study of context clues into game-like activities, students will learn techniques for figuring out new words. Games make the lesson fun and less of a challenge. I like to begin my study with one of the following activities: Mystery Objects ~ Place objects into lunch-sized brown paper bags. Call …

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Show, Don’t Tell

Show, Don’t Tell The Show, Don’t Tell method of writing is when the writer is able to create a picture in the reader’s mind.  Details One key element of this method is the use of details.                                 Example The girl went to the beach. Sally went to Ocean Isle Beach. Last summer, young Sally went to …

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Using PowerPoint ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 1

In the past couple of years, teacher evaluations have become more and more stressful. I admire teachers who can perform under pressure with ease. Since I am not one of those teachers, I have come up with a number of gimmicks [for lack of a better word] to help me remember the one hundred or …

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