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Jul 28

Christmas in July ~ The Gift of the Magi ~ Part 4

  Writing Project for The Gift of the Magi It’s not too early to plan your Christmas units. The Gift of the Magi is a heartwarming story of a young married couple who sell their most prized possessions to have money to buy gifts for the other. It makes a wonderful mini-unit to teach during …

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Mar 14

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 17

    Chapter 17 Summary The Lost Boys come up the stairs to the nursery. Mrs. Darling says she will adopt them. She wants to adopt Peter as well, but he says he will live in Neverland with Tinker Bell. Peter promises to return each spring to get Wendy. After all, he needs someone to …

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Mar 07

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 16

    Chapter 16 Summary For a while the boys and Wendy ride around on Hook’s ship pretending to be pirates. Peter takes on the role of captain and imitates Captain Hook. The narrator talks to the reader and says he would like to tell the Darling parents that their children are on the way …

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Feb 29

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 15

    Chapter 15 Summary As Peter Pan walks through the woods on the way to Hook’s ship, he sees the crocodile. Peter notices the crocodile is no longer ticking. Peter starts making the ticking sound. He thinks all the hungry animals in the forest will think he is the crocodile and will leave him …

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Feb 22

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 14

    Chapter 14 Summary Captain Hook paces the deck of his ship “The Jolly Roger.” His thoughts are all about good form. The reader learns that Hook was once a respected British gentlemen. Hook also thinks about Snee. All children like Snee, and Hook is disgruntled because children do not feel the same for …

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Feb 15

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 13

    Chapter 13 Summary As each one of the boys climbs out out of his tree, the pirates grab them. The boys are tied and gagged. Wendy is the last to come up. Hook treats her politely because he envisions her becoming the pirates’ mother. The pirates place the boys inside Wendy’s little house. …

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Feb 08

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 Summary A terrible battle takes place between the pirates and the Native Americans. Many of the Native Americans are killed. A few escape including Tiger Lily. The boys listen to the battle from their cavern home. Once all is quiet, they say that if the Native Americans win they will play …

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Feb 01

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 Summary Wendy tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Darling who have three children: Wendy, John, and Michael. The parents are very upset because their children have left. They leave the window open at night hoping the children will return. The children don’t return until they are grown up.  This is …

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Jan 25

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Story Elements

    This file contains the following: 5 Character Traits Booklets Graphic Organizers Plot Devices Types of Conflict  Links to Free Printable Anchor Charts for the following: Setting Point of View Theme Plot Development These printables are large enough to use as anchor charts. Print them out using the poster option. Glue the pieces together, …

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Jan 18

Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Chapter 10

    Chapter 10 Summary Because Peter Pan has saved Tiger Lily’s life, the Native Americans are friendly toward the Lost Boys. They begin to idolize Peter which irritates the boys. Because they are so thankful, the Native Americans stay above the Lost Boy’s cavern home and guard it from the pirates. The “Night of Nights” begins when …

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