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Genre Flash Cards


Genre Flash Cards contains 21 pairs (picture cards with matching fact cards) in a ready-to-use printable format. These are a free download at Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Free Genres Flash Cards

Ways to Use the Genre Flash Cards

Response Cards – The picture cards may be used as response cards. The teacher reads the definition or names a book title and the students hold up the correct card.

Matching Games – Games such as Slap Jack or Memory may be played by small groups.

Flash Cards – Students work in pairs or small groups holding up a genre card while the other student(s) tells the definition.

Learning Center Activity – Students match definitions to genres then record their answers on the chart provided on page 9 of the printable.

Organization – Place picture cards on the front of storage containers to help organize your class library.

Free Genre Flash Cards

Why Teach Genres

Teaching students about different genres is an important way for students to gain a deeper understanding of the text.

  • Understanding genres helps students with the concept of theme. Specific genres often center on specific themes such as detective genres try to solve a crime.
  • When students realize they are reading from a specific genre, they can rely on the textual schema to get a general understanding of the text. For example, when a student knows s/he is going to be reading poetry, rhyming scheme, figurative language, and rhythm become the focus of the text.
  • Exposing students to fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, and folklore helps students become better more well-rounded writers. Once students understand a specific genre, they are more prepared to write following the “rules” of the genre.

Download Genre Flash Cards
at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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