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Teaching Comma Rules

Teaching Comma Rules

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules

This anchor chart covers the 5th grade Common Core comma rules:

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.

Use punctuation to separate items in a series.*

Use a comma to separate an introductory element from the rest of the sentence.

Use a comma to set off the words yes and no (e.g., Yes, thank you), to set off a tag question from the rest of the sentence (e.g., It’s true, isn’t it?), and to indicate direct address (e.g., Is that you, Steve?).


The following videos are all short and comical. They make great hooks to lessons on commas.

Commas in a Series

Commas After Introductory Elements

Direct Address

brownHave students create a staggered flip organizer.

Directions for Creating a Staggered Flip OrganizerCreating a Staggered Flip Organizer

 Example Page from the Inside of the Staggered Flip Book

brownNow students are ready for practice. 


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