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Analogy Lesson


In this post, I am sharing an analogy lesson I created for a planned observation with a class of fourth graders. The lesson went extremely well. Students were on task which really impressed the supervisor. The full lesson can be downloaded for free at Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Activity #1

I love using response cards in the classroom. Response cards require students pay attention because it is obvious when a student holds up the same card each time or no card at all. As a teacher, I can quickly see if students understand the concept I am teaching or need additional practice.

For the first activity, use response cards to make sure students can recognize the difference between antonyms and synonyms. Two versions of the response cards are provided; one pair contains pictures to help differentiate instruction.

Word PairsFree Analogy Mini Lesson

  • early late
  • smooth rough
  • near close
  • full empty
  • large giant

If students need additional practice, use dry erase boards and multiple choice questions.

(You will find questions in the printable on Teachers Pay Teachers.)

Activity #2


My students love to play “Round About.” I created a blog post explaining the game earlier, so I won’t repeat them here.

Included in the free product are printable analogies with the final word left blank.

Three levels are provided in the printable:

  • Level 1 – On Level Readers 

soft : loud :: slow : ______________

  • Level 2 – Below Level Readers

Level 2 uses the same words as Level 1; however, pictures are included to help below level readers.

Picture Analogies

  • Level 3 – Advanced Readers 

The first set of words in each analogy contains more advanced words. The second set contains the same analogy pairs as Levels 1 and 2, so students can all play the same game.


descend : climb :: slow : ______________________

Activity #3

Divide students into learning groups of four students each. Groups are given three choices of activities

Choice One – Picture Analogies

Each student creates one drawing in a series of four. The group first decides if their drawings are going to be synonyms or antonyms. Students then work in pairs to create drawings that coordinate. The end results look similar to the image below.

Analogy Pictures

Choice Two – Analogy Situation

The group creates a poster that compares two real life events. These simile-like comparisons are often used by writers.

Situation Analogies

Choice Three – Analogy Poem 

Students write a series of analogies. The final words in the sets rhyme giving the analogy a poem feel.

 Analogy Poems

Download this free mini lesson on Teachers Pay Teachers.

FREE Analogy Mini Lesson

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Analogy Game ~ Round About


Download this fun analogy game. Instructions and printable playing cards are provided.

My students love playing the analogy game “Round About.” In this fun activity, students get out of their desks and move around the room. This is a welcomed change from the many pencil and paper activities they so frequently are required to do. Here are the instructions for the activity:


  • You will be given a sheet with analogies that are missing the last word in the second pair. You must analyze the relationship of the first pair of words, and then find the final missing word on a classmate’s back. Next to the corresponding number on your recording sheet, write the answer. Even if you know a word that will make sense in the analogy, you must find the exact word on a classmate’s back before writing it on your sheet.

  • When the timer stops after ten minutes, return to your seat.

  • The answers will be checked to determine how many correct responses you identified.


**** Click the image above to download this file with instructions and printables.

Common Core Skills

  •  Analogies

    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.5.5.c Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.5.bUse the relationship between particular words (e.g., cause/effect, part/whole, item/category) to better understand each of the words.span>
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.5.b Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonym/antonym, analogy) to better understand each of the words.


If you discover your students need practice using the different types of analogy relationships, check out these three FREE foldable graphic organizers. You will find these in the August 31, September 7, and September 14, 2015 Monday Blog Posts.

Free Printable Analogy Foldable OrganizersFree Printable Analogy Foldable Organiers


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Five Analogy Activities

Analogy Activities

Analogies are such an important skill for students to master. Many standardized tests use analogies to check for vocabulary mastery. Included here are three analogy activities you can use in the classroom to help your students practice analogies.

#1 Boom Learning Online Task Cards

Enjoy these free online task cards hosted by Boom Learning. Click here to get to the cards.

Free Analogy Task Cards Hosted by Boom Learning#2 Pictures

I love to begin my study of analogies with pictures. You need enough pictures for each student in the class to have one picture.

Step 1 ~ Tell the students that when the signal is given, they are to move around the room and find a picture that is related to the one they are holding. They are to stand with the person holding the related picture until everyone is in pairs.

Step 2 ~ Once students are in pairs, a second signal will be given. Students are to move in pairs around the room until they find a related pair.

Step 3 ~ Once students are in groups of four, they must discuss among themselves the relationship of the pictures they hold.

Step 4 ~ Students share their analogy grouping with the class and tell the relationship among the four pictures.

I made a set of analogy pictures like the example set below and laminated them for repeated use. I use these pictures each year as an introductory activity to my analogy unit. The students enjoy the activity, and they really begin to understand the concept of analogies. [For lower grades, you may want to stick with synonyms and antonyms.] For fifth grade up, you will want to add additional word relationships such as:

hammer: nails :: screwdriver : screws (tool)

ice : fire :: city : country (antonyms)

Model T : Corvette :: baby : adult (age)

day : night :: winter : summer (times)

collie : dog :: motorcycle : vehicle (classification)

wet floor : fall :: texting while driving : car crash (cause/effect)

study : good grades :: tickle : laugh (action/result)

These pictures represent parts of a whole.

Blog Post with Many Teaching Ideas for Analogies


#3 YouTube Videos

These YouTube videos are great for younger students. They were perfect for my fourth grade class. 

#4 Online Analogy Practice

Online Analogy Practice


Online Analogy Practice


Online Analogy Practice


Online Analogy Practice

#5 Printable Analogy Practice

Printable Analogy Practice



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