Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Holocaust

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Holocaust

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Holocaust

Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg was the First Secretary to the Swedish Embassy in Budapest in July 1944. He is credited with rescuing more Jewish people during the Holocaust than any other person or nation. Wallenberg rescued around 100,000 people. He did this by issuing “protective passports.” Wallenberg also rented over 30 buildings to house Jewish refugees. In front of these buildings, he flew the Swedish flag. He also put up fake signs reading “The Swedish Research Institute.”

Giovanni Palatucci

Giovanni Palatucci was an Italian police official and lawyer. He used his authority as Chief of the Foreigners’ Office to forge travel papers for Jewish people. This permitted hundreds of Jews an escape to Fiume where they settled. Palatucci also destroyed documented records for 5,000 Jewish refugees. This prevented them from being sent to concentration camps. Continue Reading

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Carousel Brainstorming

Carousel Brainstorming

Carousel BrainstormingPlanning

In preparation for Carousel Brainstorming, you will need four markers: one black and three different colors based on group colors. Using a black marker, write titles on the top of three pieces of chart paper. Place the chart paper in three locations around the classroom.

Divide the students into three different groups. Using the different colored name badges is the most efficient way to prepare for grouping the students. Continue Reading

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Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The American Civil War

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The American Civil War

1. Lincoln’s Hat Shot

In August 1863 while Abraham Lincoln was heading home from the White House, someone took a shot at him. The bullet went through his hat. Lincoln asked the guards to keep the incident quiet because he did not want to worry his wife.

2. Fort Sumter

The first confrontation of the Civil War took place on April 12, 1861 when Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter beginning the war. The war ended on April 9, 1865 when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House. The beginning and ending dates were used in creating the title of the Civil War novel Across Five Aprils. Continue Reading

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RAFT Writing Strategy

RAFT Activity #1

RAFT Writing Strategy

RAFT is a writing strategy to help students focus on four areas of communication. RAFT is an acronym for the following:

Role of the Writer Continue Reading

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Questioning Students ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 4

Method for Calling on Students

Calling on Students

Questioning Students

Questioning students is an important part of the evaluation lesson. Not only must teachers ask questions from all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but they must also call on both volunteers and non-volunteers. On top of this, the non-volunteers must represent a random mix of students. BOY! What a lot to remember when you are nervous with two evaluators writing down everything you do and say! I devised this simple, yet effective, way for randomly calling on non-volunteers. Continue Reading

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Display Board ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 3

Displaying Standards for an Evaluation Lesson

Displaying Standards in the Classroom

The TEAM evaluation process requires teachers to post teaching standards, as well as essential questions, lesson goals, and vocabulary. I found that for observations, this type of display board is essential.

Display Board

This was created using a display board like the ones used for science fairs. I purchased ordinary curtain hooks from Wal-Mart. To create hangers, punch the curtain hooks through the board keeping the sharp pointed end between the layers of the corrugated cardboard of the display board. Page protectors easily slide onto the curtain hooks. Inside the page protectors, lesson essentials may be displayed such as standards and lesson goals. Notice the right side of the board has a vocabulary pocket chart. Continue Reading

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Displaying Student Work ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 2

Get Top Marks on your Teacher Evaluation by Using the Method to Display Student Work

Displaying Student Work

One component of our teacher evaluation is displaying current student work. I actually heard one evaluator say that she looks at student work to see in the edges are curled up. This was a sign the page had been displayed for a while. Another teacher said she was marked down because she displayed student work out in the hallway in place of all over her classroom. 

This simple idea helped me achieve top marks in this area. Continue Reading

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