Jun 15

Display Board ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 3

Displaying Standards for an Evaluation LessonBeing required to post teaching standards, essential questions, lesson goals, and vocabulary are all part of the TEAM evaluation process. I found that for observations, this type of display board is essential.


This was created using a display board like the ones used for science fairs. I purchased ordinary curtain hooks from Wal-Mart. These curtain hooks were punched through the board keeping the sharp pointed end between the layers of the corrugated cardboard of the display board. Page protectors easily slide onto the curtain hooks. Inside the page protectors, lesson essentials may be displayed such as standards and lesson goals. Notice the right side of the board has a vocabulary pocket chart.



Download the board labels here.


The display board pictured is set up to use with a lesson for the book The Dark is Rising. When you purchase my   The Dark is Rising Book Unit from Teachers Pay Teachers, you will receive a link and password information to a password protected portion of my website. Here you will be able to download the Common Core reading and language standards, essential questions, lesson goals, lesson vocabulary, and novel vocabulary to aid in lesson displays for each chapter/lesson for The Dark is Rising.



Here are a few places where you can find me.

Book Units Teacher Website

Book Units Teacher Website



Teacher Pay Teacher Store

Teacher Pay Teacher Store



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