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Using Animated Shorts to Teach Main Idea and Details

Using Animated Shorts to Teach
Main Idea and Details

Free Printables to Use with Animated Shorts (Main Idea and Details)

If you are looking for some high interest activities to enhance your lessons, try using animated shorts to teach reading skills. 

This post contains the animated short film “Lifted” found on Youtube and inserted in this post. The post contains a handout leveled for upper elementary students to help students find the main idea and supporting details for this film. Download the handout here.


Animated Short

Lifted [4:51]

A young alien inside a flying saucer is taking a test on human abduction. He must abduct a farmer from his home while an examiner takes notes. The young alien must use thousands of identical toggle switches in this exam. Will he be able to pass this complicated exam?


This post is a sample of my new product “Using Animated Short Films to Teach Reading Skills.” Each month one additional post from this series will go live. You can find the links and post dates listed below.

Each post will contain one animated short with a printable handout. You can collect all ten by coming back each month.

In the full resource, available on Teachers Pay Teachers, you will receive not only the handouts from these ten posts but thirty additional printables.

The printables contain organizers with guiding questions to help students evaluate the short film and learn valuable reading skills. All short films will be added to a webpage on Book Units Teacher for easy access. The link to this webpage will be included in the purchased product.

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