Making Connections with Text Lesson #3

Making Connections with Text

Lesson #3

Bloom's Taxonomy

This is the third of three lessons on teaching ‘Making Connections with Text.’ If you missed the first two lessons you can find them here:

In this lesson students will read the story of Aladdin and make connections to the text.

The Lesson

Aladdin Story

Included in the printable is a three page printable story “The Adventures of Aladdin.”

The story is in the public domain, so it may be used freely. Here is the readability information:

Average Grade Level 6.1

You should be able to read the text out loud in approximately 14 minutes.

Vocabulary Words

  • mysterious
  • impatiently
  • cautiously
  • excitedly
  • obedient
  • sultan
  • respectfully
  • incredible
  • apparition
  • possessions
  • respectfully
  • astonished


  • hand to mouth
  • at their wits’ end
  • down to earth


Depending on the level and experience of your students, you may wish to read the story out loud to them. Stop and ask leading questions related to making connections.

Interesting Facts about Aladdin

  • The setting of the earliest Aladdin stories was China.
  • In early stories, Aladdin was not an orphan. He lived with his mother.
  • The popular Disney animated film of 1992 makes Aladdin an Arabian boy.
  • The genie in the Disney film was voiced by Robin Williams.
  • Williams would read each line as written in the script, but he would read it in 20 different character voices. This gave the producers a lot to choose from.

This eight-minute animated story “Aladdin and the Magician” has enough similarities and differences to make it a good version to compare to the text provided. 


Free Lesson on Making Connections with Text using AladdinThis download includes the three page story and organizers needed to complete the lesson.

Gay Miller

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