Prefix Spinner Game


Teaching prefixes can be both fun and challenging. This simple game is a great way for students to practice. Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for some additional prefix resources to help with you study.

Download the game here.


Plan for a small group activity. Run off the spinner boards for each group onto cardstock. Add spinners to the center of each. These may be purchased spinners or simply a brad and paperclip will work. 

Free Prefix Spinner Game

Free Prefix Spinner GameMake one copy of the game board for each student. [Optional – Duplicate the game boards onto cardstock and laminate for repeated use. With laminated boards, students will need markers such as BINGO discs to cover their boards instead of coloring in the spaces.]

Free Prefix Spinner Game

Note: The game board has prefixes that should be mastered at lower grade levels to the left. Each column becomes more difficult. You may wish to cut column(s) off the game card depending on the level of your students. Elementary teachers may wish to use only the first three columns. Middle school teachers may wish to cut off the column to the far right and the far left. High school teachers may wish to cut off the two columns to the left. [Adjust the rules of the game depending on how large your game board you have decided is appropriate for your students.]

Instructions for Students:

 You are going to move into small groups in a moment to play game similar to BINGO.

Every group will receive spinners. Each player will receive a game board. The players will determine who goes first, and then take turns moving in a clockwise rotation.

When it is a player’s turn, s/he will spin a spinner of his/her choosing. After the spinner lands, the player must think of a word that contains the prefix s/he has landed upon. [Optional: Students must tell the meaning of the prefix, tell a word that begins with the prefix, and define the word named.]

If the group feels the player has answered correctly, s/he may color in the box on his/her game board with the same prefix. [Note: Only the player who is taking a turn colors in a space. If everyone colors in a space everyone would win at the same time.]

The object of the game is to get [3, 4, 5 — Here is where you might wish to adjust the rules depending on the size of the game board.] squares colored in a row. The row may be vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The first player to have [3, 4, 5] colored boxes in a row is the winner.


  • Did anyone in your group think of words you were unfamiliar with? What were they?
  • How can learning the meanings of prefixes help you with the meanings of unfamiliar words?

Free Prefix Games Additional Prefix Resources

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