Teaching The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief tells the story of twelve-year-old Percy Jackson. On the first day of summer, Percy learns that he is half-human,half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York. At camp, Percy learns that his father is Poseidon, the god of the Sea.

When Zeus’s master bolt is stolen, Poseidon is blamed. Zeus tells Poseidon that he will declare war if the bolt is not returned to Mount Olympus by the summer solstice.

Percy sets out to retrieve the bolt from Hades. The reader follows Percy on this quest which takes him across the United States and back again.Activities for The Lightning Thief

Seven Activities to use with The Lightning Thief


Click on the images to go to printables and instructions for the activities. Some of the ideas will take you to different sites. After viewing the activity, close the window to return to this page.


Activity #1 [Coloring Pages]

This website has several pictures from the story that you can either color online or print. These would make great report covers.


Activity #2 [Youtube Video]

This video introduces the Olympian gods.

Activity #3 [Maps]

As students read the chapters set in Camp Half-Blood, they can use the details from the chapters to draw maps of the camp. 

Activity #4 [Storyboard That]

Storyboard That has an entire section devoted to The Lightning Thief. Below is a picture of the “Character Traits” map. You will also find:


Activity #5 [The Book vs. The Movie]

Activity #6
[Free Activity ~ Mapping Percy’s Journey]

Have students map Percy’s travels across America as they read the story.

Free Mapping Activity for The Lightning Thief


Activity #7 [Free Sample]

Download this free sample from
The Lightning Thief Book Unit

Free Sample from The Lightning Thief Book Unit

Free Sample from The Lightning Thief


Do you need additional materials to teach
The Lightning Thief? You can purchase the full book unit at Teachers pay Teachers. See a few sample pages below:

Vocabulary Booklet
Each Chapter consisting of Multiple
Choice, Fill in the Blanks, and Short Answer

24 Constructive Writing Questions Aligned to the Common Core State Standards
Skill Practice Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

Prefixes and Suffixes Word Lists and

Prefix and Suffix Puzzles

Prefix Game

Suffix Word Lists Organizers (Changing Verbs
and Adjectives to Nouns)

Suffix BINGO

Root Word Lists and Organizers

Root Word Activity

Figurative Language Response Cards

Figurative Language Organizers

Context Clues Organizers

Context Clues Task Cards



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