Oct 21

Parent Connection Newsletter ~ Issue #2


Are you interesting in sending a monthly newsletter to your parents? This one focuses on reading and writing and includes tips, resources, activities, and ways to get the reluctant reader reading. Parent Connection Newsletter ~ Issue #2

Shortly after posting the last Parent Connection Newsletter, I received an e-mail from a teacher wanting to know what information I include in my classroom newsletters. I decided to answer that question here for teachers who are thinking about starting a classroom newsletter.

First of all, my classroom newsletter is not as structured as this Parent Connection Newsletter. It varies from month to month based on events that are taking place in my classroom. Here are some of the items I include:

  • I usually include a short list of the major things we are going to study for the upcoming month. This may include the name of the novel we are reading or major units I plan to cover. The purpose of this is for parents to have enough information to ask their children questions about what they are learning in class.
  • Dates
    • dates when projects must be turned in
    • unit test
    • when money for yearbooks, field trips, or such must be received
    • due dates for permission slips
    • upcoming field trips
    • PTO meeting dates
  • I love taking photos of my students in action, but I do not include these in the actual newsletter because it takes a huge amount of ink to print them. Instead, I place the photos on my website and provide links for the parents. I have some parents who print these out each month and place them in a scrapbook.

  • Student Birthdays

  • Volunteer Information

  • Changes in Classroom Rules or Policies

  • Reminders

  • I also like to list student achievements. This can get really tricky if you are not careful. You need to take your classroom role and check off each student you highlight, so that everyone gets a turn.


I’ve decided to post these newsletters here each month for teachers would would like to send them home to their students. You can download a pdf version of the newsletter by clicking:

Issue #1

Issue #2 

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #7

Issue #8

Gay Miller

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