Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Study Carrel

 Activities for Teaching Students How to Write a Story HookThis post will provide links to all the organizers needed to make this study carrel loaded with resources students will need as they write narratives.

The Inside ~ Writing

Add foldable graphic organizers to your study carrels for students to reference while writing.
  1. The Hook
  2. Wow Words Thesaurus
  3. Types of Figurative Language
  4. Sound Devices
  5. Rules for Writing Quotations
  6. Plot Development Roller Coaster Diagram
  7. Show, Don’t Tell Imagery Chart

The Outside ~ Proofreading

The outside of the study carrel contains information for proofreading narratives.
  1. Correcting Sentence Problems [Three Flap Organizers]
  2. Horizontal Writing a Narrative Checklist   ~   Vertical Checklist
  3. Highlight First Word Proofreading [This post is scheduled for November 12, 2015. The link will begin working on this date.]


Narrative Writing Foldable Graphic Organizers ~~ These make a great study carrel for students.


Gay Miller

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