Oct 29

Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Varying Sentences

 Activities for Teaching Students How to Write a Story Hook


At the bottom of this post, you will find a link to all materials needed to complete this lesson.


The Lesson 

  Activity #1 ~ Types of Sentence Problems

Free Foldable Graphic Organizer Going Over Three Common Sentence Problems



Recognizing different types of sentence problems is essential if you don’t wish for your students to make errors. This foldable style graphic organizer makes students aware of common mistakes that are frequently made:

  • Choppy Sentences
  • Run-on Sentences
  • Stringy Sentences

Sentence Problems Anchor Chart plus free foldable organizer to go in students' interactive notebooks


Activity #2 ~ Types of Sentences
FREE Foldable Graphic Organizer for the Four Types of Sentences

Once students realize they have short choppy sentences (or long stringy sentences), they will need to correct them by turning the some of the sentences into different types. This organizer goes over four sentence types:

  • Simple
  • Compound
  • Complex
  • Compound-Complex 


Activity #3 ~ Run-On Sentences
Free Graphic Organizer Teaching Four Methods for Correcting Run-On Sentences

This organizer explains four different ways to correct run-on sentences:

  • Make two separate sentences.
  • Make a complex sentence by adding a subordinating conjunction.
  • Add a semicolon
  • Make a compound sentence by adding a coordinating conjunction.


You can get the pdf file here.



Gay Miller

1 comment

  1. Kendra

    I loved using this with “The Cay” unit. My sixth graders still need some help on the types of sentences (they must have missed it in 3rd grade!! because they don’t really know different sentence types at all.) It’s been interesting learning about them myself….

    I am looking through and saw your foldable examples for pronouns with your “Wizard of Oz” unit. Would you ever think about selling them as a set separately? I would love to purchase them! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

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