Oct 15

A Teacher’s Reference Guide to Questioning

Using Higher Level Questions

This free staggered flip organizer can be added to the inside of your plan or grade book for quick easy access to higher level quesitons.

TEAM Evaluations

With every TEAM evaluation, evaluators must find an area of weakness. Teachers must then come up with an action plan for improving this area. During one evaluation, my area of weakness was I needed to use a greater variety of questions during classroom instruction.


Higher Level Questions

To improve in this area, I created this simple, yet effective, staggered flip organizer. Each page provides example questions that could be asked during a lesson. I glued the organizer on the inside front cover of my grade book. During class, I used the organizer as a reference to quickly ask higher level questions. After a short while, using a variety of questions became automatic.


You can download the organizer here


Gay Miller


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  1. Carol

    Hi Gay,
    I am wondering if you still have the Quick Guide to using higher level questions available for download?
    I really like your website and availability of materials. I thank you for many free resources. I am sure you know it adds up to pay for so many things. I am also looking for the download for the SWBST graphic organizer for summarizing.
    Thank you so much,

    Happy Holidays! 2015

    1. Gay Miller

      I just checked. The link works, but it is difficult to find. Click on the last word of the post “here.”

  2. Caroline

    Hello! I was really excited to find this until the link didn’t work :'( Is there another location I could find it?

    1. Caroline

      Oh! Never mind! I was opening it from Pinterest and it just needed to be opened from a browser.

    2. Gay Miller

      I’m glad you figured it out.

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