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Flipping for Fall Mentor Texts


Flipping for Fall Mentor Texts

 Welcome to the Reading Crew Blog Hop!


The Reading Crew is a group of primary through middle school reading specialists. About three to four times a year, we share materials and ideas through a blog hop. Here is how this hop will work:

We have divided our blog posts into primary and upper elementary paths. Select the path that is most appropriate for the grade you teach or travel through both paths if you wish. Each post in the blog hop will feature one mentor text. This text, a book with a fall theme, will share ideas and a free printable for using the mentor text to teach a specific skill.

As you go through the hop, you will collect a special word from each post. When you reach the end of your path, you will use these words to enter a raffle. Two lucky people (one for  the primary path and one for the upper elementary path) will win all the books from our posts.

We have included a printable form [Get it by clicking here form.] to track your mystery words as you travel through our blog hop. The mystery words will be in orange text to make them easier for you to find.

At the bottom of this post, you will find links for the two paths. While you can enjoy our posts indefinitely, the raffle ends at 6:00 EST on Monday, October 5.



When “The Reading Crew” voted on a fall theme for our next blog event, I was thrilled. I now had a great place to share a project that was a big success in my classroom. Here’s how it started. . .

I saw a craft pin on Pinterest for making a fall tree out of a small paper bag. [Here’s the link to the original pin.] Ideas started bouncing around in my head about ways to turn this craft into an educational project for my students. I decided that if we used full-sized grocery bags to make larger trees, my students could add apples to their trees. These apples would have enough space to write not only vocabulary words but definitions and sentences with the words as well. I knew my students would enjoy the change from our normal vocabulary routine. Boy, was I correct!

The apples on these trees contain vocabulary words, defintions, and sentences. What a fun way to incorporate vocabulary practice with your fall books!

Vocabulary Tree ~ Instructions and FREE Printables

We made our vocabulary trees using vocabulary words from the  book Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg.

Vocabulary from Gay

In my free printable, you will find patterns and instructions for making the vocabulary tree as well as these additional vocabulary printables:

  • vocabulary list with words, definitions, and sentences from the text
  • book marks
  • word wall
  • printable vocabulary practice book

Here is the link to download the printable. My special word is fall.

Free Vocabulary Materials to use with Steven Kellogg's Johnny Appleseed


Enjoy the rest of the blog hop.



(Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)
Blog Hop

 Upper Elementary
(3rd – 6th Grade)
Blog Hop

Math and Literacy from Bridget

Imagery from Erin

Expository Texts from Alison

Inference from Jessica
Letter & Sound Identification from Janelle Characterization from Michelle
Character's Feelings from Jessica Sequencing from Lisa
Vocabulary & Rhyme from Jennifer Inference with Sandy
Sequencing from Michaela Vocabualry from Melissa
Author's Purpose from Dailiene Summarizing from Andrea
Vocabulary with Cathy Compare and Contrast from Tara
Writing a Narrative from Janiel Transitional Phrases from Chrissy
Verbs with Anita Character Traits with Selma
Author's Craft from Carla Author's Craft from Carla



Gay Miller


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  1. Sandy Cangelosi

    Thank you so much for sharing this precious activity. I can just imagine your classroom decorated with these vocabulary apple trees. And, it was so nice visiting with you at the TPT conference. Sandy

  2. Jennifer Reynolds

    I absolutely LOVE these trees, and I love your vocabulary activities! Thanks so much for sharing! I am going to try them next week with my second graders!

    1. Gay Miller

      My students really enjoyed making them. They know the vocabulary words as well. I hope it is a huge success with your students.

  3. NotJANE

    These trees are awesome! What a great way to display important knowledge! 🙂 Thank you for hosting this hop!

  4. Carla Fedeler

    Excellent activities, Gay! Thanks so much for all of your hard work with the coding. We all appreciate it.

  5. Jessica Goodrow

    I love the trees, they are adorable and have a purpose. Thanks for organizing this hop!

  6. Mary

    I can’t wait to try the trees this week with my class! Great ideas! thank you!!!

  7. Bandar Ceme

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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