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Teaching Conjunctions

Are you looking for some activities for teaching conjunctions? This post has links to printables, games, posters, and more.

Teaching Conjunctions Video with Organizer

This video is a great overview of several rules about conjunctions. It includes definitions and examples for the following types with definitions and examples:

  • coordinating
  • subordinating
  • correlative

The lesson pairs with a provided graphic organizer. Students listen to the first part of the video to hear the definition of conjunctions. When instructed to do so, students pause the video and complete their organizers. Finally, students watch the remainder of the video to check their answers. 

This button takes you to the post handout. For your convenience, the handout includes everything from the post. You will find the printable organizer as well as a link to the Google Slide version. The handout also includes the posters and teaching ideas plus links to activities mentioned in this post.

More Teaching Conjunctions Activities


Conjunction Posters

This set of mini-posters may be displayed in the classroom during the lesson for students to use as a reference guide. These posters include word lists and definitions.

The website Teaching Ideas provides posters on conjunctions as well.

Online Activities that Help Students Learn about Conjunctions

Conjunction Activities

These links take you to online games and lessons about conjunctions.

Here are a few links to help you find lessons and practice pages:

Picture Books that Help Teach Conjunctions

Using Picture Books to Help Teach Conjunctions

Read portions of Fantastic! Wow! and Unreal! This book contains rhyming text and beautiful illustrations students will enjoy as they learn about both conjunctions and interjections.

Another book you might like to check out is Just Me & 6,000 Rats: A Tale of Conjunctions by Rick Walton. This tongue-in-cheek story is sure to have students chuckling while they learn about all sorts of conjunctions. This book is a great way to introduce or hook readers before beginning a study of conjunctions.

Conjunction Anchor Chart

Conjunctions Anchor Chart

I love displaying anchor charts in the classroom. Students continually use them to reference rules and examples.

This anchor chart is loaded with information. It goes over the three types of conjunctions providing rules for each. The FANBOYS are listed as well as some common correlative conjunctions.

Adding sticky notes turns this anchor chart into an interactive activity. The sticky notes have example sentences with the conjunctions circled.

If you missed the link to the handouts, here it is again.

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