Monthly Archive: January 2018

Jan 22

The Secret Garden – Chapter 27 In the Garden

  The audio file for Chapter 27 “In the Garden” is 30 minutes 56 seconds in length.   Handouts   The Secret Garden Chapter 27 In the Garden In each century since the beginning of the world wonderful things have been discovered. In the last century more amazing things were found out than in any century before. …

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Jan 18

Choice Boards (Think-Tac-Toe, BINGO, Menus, RAFT, & 1-3-5)

Choice Boards (Think-Tac-Toe, BINGO, Menus, RAFT, and 1-3-5) Units of study that provide students with the option to choose tasks is a great way to differentiate instruction. Activities are placed on graphic organizers for students to select. Tasks may be organized based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the complexity of the tasks, learning styles, or multiple intelligence. …

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Jan 15

The Secret Garden – Chapter 26 It’s Mother

  The audio file for Chapter 26 “It’s Mother” is 17 minutes 44 seconds in length.   Handouts   The Secret Garden Chapter 26 It’s Mother Their belief in the Magic was an abiding thing. After the morning’s incantations Colin sometimes gave them Magic lectures. “I like to do it,” he explained, “because when I grow up …

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Jan 11

Using Animated Shorts to Teach Theme

Theme If you are looking for some high interest activities to enhance your lessons, try using animated shorts to teach reading skills.  This post contains the animated short film “Mater and the Ghostlight” found on Youtube and inserted in this post. Download the accompanying handout leveled for upper elementary students here. Animated Short Mater and …

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Jan 08

The Secret Garden – Chapter 25 The Curtain

  The audio file for Chapter 25 “The Curtain” is 12 minutes 59 seconds in length.   Handouts   The Secret Garden Chapter 25 The Curtain And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles. In the robin’s nest there were Eggs and the robin’s mate sat upon them keeping them warm with …

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Jan 04

Suffix Teaching Activities and Ideas

Suffixes Be sure to check out last week’s post “Prefix Teaching Activities and Ideas.” The prefix post contains some ideas and free printables for teaching suffixes.  Activity #1 – Activity for Google Slides This activity for Google Slides helps students practice using suffixes that change the part of speech in words. This is a “View …

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Jan 01

The Secret Garden – Chapter 24 Let Them Laugh

  The audio file for Chapter 24 “Let Them Laugh” is 20 minutes 57 seconds in length.   Handouts   The Secret Garden Chapter 24 Let Them Laugh The secret garden was not the only one Dickon worked in. Round the cottage on the moor there was a piece of ground enclosed by a low wall of …

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