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Teaching the Persuasive Technique – Testimonial


In Part 2 of the series “Teaching the Persuasive Technique – Testimonial,” 2017 Super Bowl commercials are featured. Many stars came out to promote products. Actors, sports figures, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy promote products. With a 30-second spot costing $5 million, many companies went with big celebrities.

Testimonial Definition

Testimonial is when an expert, public figure, or celebrity promotes or supports a product, policy, or political candidate. Sometimes plain folk are used to show the product appeals to ordinary people.

Testimonial Questions to Think About

  • What makes this person a good representative to endorse this product?
  • Will the endorsement help sell the product? Explain why or why not.
  • Can you think of celebrities that actually hurt the product they were trying to promote?
  • What must a company consider before hiring a celebrity to endorse their product? For example, does age matter?

Testimonial in Advertisements 

The Wix ad features Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman. She fights Jason Statham in a restaurant while the chef busily works on creating a website.



This Intel commercial stars Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady. Ironically, Brady was playing in the game.

T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Moves” casts Justin Bieber. The pop singer dresses in a tux while showing off some of his dance moves.


The 2017 Tide Super Bowl stars several well-known stars. Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski and NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw star with actor Jeffrey Tambor.

Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” stars Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy tries to save the world with several stunting feats.

Lexus stars dancer Charles Lil’ Buck Riley. The ad includes some stunting dance moves.

The Mercedes-Benz ad features Steppenwolf’s song Born to be Wild. Peter Fonda wears his Easy Rider American flag jacket while he drives away in a Mercedes.

Bai stars Justin Timberland and Christopher Walken. This ad promotes the healthy drink using a simple conversation. The commercial ends with N-Sync’s song BaiBaiBai.

Mobile Strike stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. He uses famous one liners from his movies. “I’m Back,” and “Hasta la vista, baby,” promote the game.

Persil “The Professional!” features Bill Nye the Science Guy as a stain-fighting superhero. 

All-New Honda CR-V “Yearbooks” includes conversations from celebrities as high schoolers. Actors include Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliot, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel, and Viola Davis.



During the commercial, two dads are watching a wee pee football game. One dad notices a new Buick in the parking lot. The other makes the comment that if that is a new Buick then his son is Cam Newton. The son then magically transforms. After the game, another Buick pulls up. The coach says if that’s a Buick then I’m a supermodel.  The coach then turns into Miranda Kerr.

Teaching the Persuasive Technique Testimonial with Commercials

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