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Apr 21

Math Resources ~ Math Properties

  Math Properties Last summer I organized the math materials I had created in preparation for teaching a 5th grade math class this school year. The result of this organization was several blog posts with free foldable graphic organizers. I also created four math products that I am selling on Teachers pay Teachers. This post contains …

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Apr 14

Math Resources ~ Geometry [Perimeter, Area, and Volume]

   Geometry [Perimeter, Area, and Volume] Below this paragraph is a link to a PowerPoint that I created a number of years ago. I came across it as I was going through my math materials and decided to share. I remember it took a L-O-N-G time to create. The PowerPoint may feel a little choppy …

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Mar 31

Teaching Idea ~ Surface Area Experiment

Surface Area Experiment The Experiment Give each student two ice cubes. individually packaged in Ziploc bags. Chop one ice cube; leave the other whole. Have students observe the ice cubes first to determine which contains the most surface area. Next students should record the amount of time it takes for each ice cube to melt. This …

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Dec 03

 Two Geometry Bulletin Boards

   Two Geometry Bulletin Boards Oh Geome-tree Students really enjoyed creating this bulletin board. Not only was it quick and easy to put together, the finished product looks great!  3D Figures This project was super simple to create, yet an effective learning tool. Students created the 3-D figures by assembling mini marshmallows and toothpicks. The …

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Sep 24

Coordinate Grid Activities

    This coordinate grid foldable organizer with building pieces can be used for many activities: First students plan a town and then write the coordinates for each location. Students can determine how many blocks from one location to another. Students can write directions from one location to another using coordinate pairs to indicate turns. Have students …

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Aug 20

Math Resources ~ Place Value

 Place Value One of my summer projects is to organize my math materials so that I will be better prepared to teach a math class next year. While going through my materials, I found a number of resources I felt would be useful to others. I am providing them in a series of blog posts. …

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