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Oct 27

Organizing Your Book Units

  After creating a large number of book units, I have discovered a few organizational “tricks.” I hope this post will help you organize your units for quick and easy access. Organizing Book Units Step 1 As you can tell from the photo above, I use different sizes of three-ringed binders based on the size of …

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Aug 11

Organizing Student Binders

As an inclusion teacher, I have worked with many teachers. This experience helped me learn many organizational tips from my team teachers. I often feel like a sponge soaking up ideas and trying them out. Over time, I have begun to use one idea from one teacher, another idea for a different teacher, mixed the ideas together, …

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Aug 05

Tracking Student Fluency Rates

  The Reading Crew is a group of primary through middle school reading specialists. About three to four times a year, we share materials and ideas through a blog hop or link up. This time we are sharing organizational tips for literacy. Enjoy collecting checklists, guided reading tool lists, organizational tools, and printables that you will use daily. …

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Nov 05

Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Study Carrel

 This post will provide links to all the organizers needed to make this study carrel loaded with resources students will need as they write narratives. The Inside ~ Writing The Hook Wow Words Thesaurus Types of Figurative Language Sound Devices Rules for Writing Quotations Plot Development Roller Coaster Diagram Show, Don’t Tell Imagery Chart The Outside ~ Proofreading …

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Jan 09

Student Portfolios ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 5

Student Portfolios When teachers read this statement, “Portfolio-based with clear illustrations of student progress toward state content standards,” from the list of requirements on the teacher evaluation rubric, I repeatedly heard teachers say they would just take a mark down in this area. There was no way they could create individual portfolios for their students. …

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Jun 18

Questioning Students ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 4

Calling on Students Questioning Students Questioning students is an important part of the evaluation lesson. Not only must teachers ask questions from all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but they must also call on both volunteers and non-volunteers. On top of this, the non-volunteers must represent a random mix of students. BOY! What a lot to …

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Jun 15

Display Board ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 3

Displaying Standards in the Classroom The TEAM evaluation process requires teachers to post teaching standards, as well as essential questions, lesson goals, and vocabulary. I found that for observations, this type of display board is essential. Display Board This was created using a display board like the ones used for science fairs. I purchased ordinary …

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Jun 11

Displaying Student Work ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 2

Displaying Student Work One component of our teacher evaluation is displaying current student work. I actually heard one evaluator say that she looks at student work to see in the edges are curled up. This was a sign the page had been displayed for a while. Another teacher said she was marked down because she …

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May 26

Group Work

Collaborative Groups Small group activities are incorporated into many unit lessons. One hour of organization will make transitioning your class into group activities simple. 1) Purchase insertable name badges (lanyards) for each student in your class. You may use fold & clip name badges or the hanging name badges with neck straps. 2) Write or type the …

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