Grade 6 : Standard 10 - Energy

Conceptual Strand 10

Various forms of energy are constantly being transformed into other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

Guiding Question 10

What basic energy related ideas are essential for understanding the dependency of the natural and man-made worlds on energy?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0607.10.1 Compare and contrast the three forms of potential energy.

GLE 0607.10.2 Analyze various types of energy


GLE 0607.10.3 Explain the principles underlying the Law of Conservation of Energy.

607.10.1 Compare potential and kinetic energy.

607.10.2 Create a poster that illustrates  different forms of potential energy.

0607.10.3 Design a model that demonstrates a specific energy transformation.

0607.10.4 Explain why a variety of energy transformations illustrate the Law of Conservation of Energy.

SPI 0607.10.1 Distinguish among gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, and chemical potential energy.

SPI 0607.10.2 Interpret the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.

SPI 0607.10.3 Recognize that energy can be transformed from one type to another.

SPI 0607.10.4 Explain the Law of Conservation of Energy using data from a variety of energy transformations.

Types of Energy


Mechanical Energy


Energy Transfers