Grade 4 : Standard 9 - Matter

Conceptual Strand 9

The composition and structure of matter is known, and it behaves according to principles that are generally understood.

Guiding Question 9

How does the structure of matter influence its physical and chemical behavior?


Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0407.9.1 Collect data to illustrate that the physical properties of matter can be described with tools that measure weight, mass, length, and volume.

GLE 0407.9.2 Explore different types of physical changes in matter.

0407.9.1 Use appropriate tools to measure and compare the physical properties of various solids and liquids.

0407.9.2 Compare the causes and effects of various physical changes in matter.

SPI 0407.9.1 Choose an appropriate tool for measuring a specific physical property of matter.

SPI 0407.9.2 Determine the mass, volume, and temperature of a substance or object using proper units of measurement.

SPI 0407.9.3 Interpret the causes and effects of a physical change in matter.

Measuring Mass - Comparing Density

Characteristics of Materials

SciLinks Quiz on Matter

Mixtures Lab

Determine how various types of matter change state.

Online Activities

Classroom Activities

We melted candy coating to illustrate turning a solid into a liquid. Students then spread it on a graham cracker. When it cooled it turned back into a solid.


Identify characteristics of different types of mixtures.


Determine methods for separating mixtures.

Online Demonstrations Showing how to Separate Mixtures

Online Activity

Temperature and States of Matter

Water Temperature Experiment