Grade 4 : Standard 12 - Forces in Nature

Conceptual Strand 12

Everything in the universe exerts a gravitational force on everything else; there is an interplay between magnetic fields and electrical


Guiding Question 12

What are the scientific principles that explain gravity and electromagnetism?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0407.12.1 Explore the interactions between magnets.

GLE 0407.12.2 Observe that electrically charged objects exert a pull on other materials.

GLE 0407.12.3 Explain how electricity in a simple circuit requires a complete loop through which current can pass.

0407.12.1 Explore the interactions between an electrically charged object and other materials.

>0407.12.2 Design an experiment to investigate how a simple electromagnet affects common objects.

0407.12.3 Describe how electricity passes through a simple circuit that includes a battery, wire, switch, and bulb.

SPI 0407.12.1 Identify how magnets attract or repel one another.

SPI 0407.12.2 Determine how an electrically charged material interacts with other objects.

SPI 0407.12.3 Determine the path of an electrical current in a simple circuit.


Magnets and Magnetism





SPI 0407.12.3 Select a simple electrical circuit.


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Series and Parallel Circuits