Grade 5 : Standard 4 - Heredity

Conceptual Strand 4

Plants and animals reproduce and transmit hereditary information between generations.

Guiding Question 4

What are the principal mechanisms by which living things reproduce and transmit information between parents and offspring?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0507.4.1 Describe how genetic information is passed from parents to offspring during reproduction.

GLE 0507.4.2 Recognize that some characteristics are inherited while others result from interactions with the environment.


0507.4.1 Explain how genetic information is transmitted from parents to offspring.

0507.4.2 Create a chart that compares hereditary and environmental traits.

0507.4.3 Distinguish between a scar and a birthmark in terms of their origins.

SPI 0507.4.1 Recognize that information is passed from parent to offspring during reproduction.

SPI 0507.4.2 Distinguish between inherited traits and those that can be attributed to the environment.

Heredity & Traits

Dominant and Recessive Genes