Grade 4 : Standard 2 - Interdependence

Conceptual Strand 2

All life is interdependent and interacts with the environment.

Guiding Question 2

How do living things interact with one another and with the non-living elements of their environment?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0507.2.1 Investigate different nutritional relationships among organisms in an ecosystem.

GLE 0407.2.1 Analyze the effects of changes in the environment on the stability of an ecosystem.


0407.2.1 Analyze how an increase or decrease in competition or predation affects an ecosystem.

0407.2.2 Design a simple experiment to illustrate the effects of competition, predation, and interdependency among living things.

SPI 0407.2.1 Recognize the impact of predation and competition on an ecosystem.