Grade 4 : Standard 1 - Cells

Conceptual Strand 1

All living things are made of cells that perform functions necessary for life.

Guiding Question 1

How are plant and animals cells organized to carry on the processes of life?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0407.1.1 Recognize that cells are the building blocks of all living things.


0407.1.1 Use illustrations or direct observations to compare and contrast the basic structures of plant and animal cells.

0407.1.2 Create a basic model of the cell that illustrates different cell structures and describes their functions.

SPI 0407.1.1 Compare basic structures of plant and animal cells.

Lesson Plans

What is a cell?

Plant Cells

Animal Cells

Comparing and Contrasting Plant and Animal Cells

Students viewed plant and animal cells in the science lab.


General Resources