Grade 4 : Standard 5 - Biodiversity and Change

Conceptual Strand 5

A rich variety of complex organisms have developed in response to a continually changing environment.

Guiding Question 5

How does natural selection explain how organisms have changed over time?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0407.5.1 Analyze physical and behavioral adaptations that enable organisms to survive in their environment.

GLE 0407.5.2 Describe how environmental changes caused the extinction of various plant and animal species.

0407.5.1 Classify animals according to their physical adaptations for obtaining food, oxygen, and surviving within a particular environment.

0407.5.2 Describe how animal behaviors such as migration, defense, means of locomotion, and hibernation enable them to survive in an environment.

0407.5.3 Investigate tropisms that plants exhibit in response to changes in their environment.

0407.5.4 Gather fossil information to draw conclusions about organisms that exist today.

0407.5.5 Analyze the common causes of extinction and explain how human actions sometimes result in the extinction of a species.

SPI 0407.5.1 Determine how a physical or behavioral adaptation can enhance the chances of survival.

SPI 0407.5.2 Infer the possible reasons why a species became endangered or extinct.



Grouping Plants

Grouping  Animals


Animal Adaptations



Thriving, Threatened, Endangered, or Extinct

Brain Pop Extinction

Have students make a poster using the opaque projector. Students must draw pictures of thriving, threatened, endangered, and extinct animals.

Resources for Making Posters

Endangered Species C O L O R I N G Book "Save Our Species"
List of threatened animals
List of endangered animals

Pictures of Endangered Animals
List of extinct animals
Pictures of Extinct Animals

Have students play online activities while one at a time students draw animals for their charts.

Man-Made Causes of Extinction

  1. Lesson Plan,%20Endan.pdf
  2. United Streaming - Students continue drawing posters, while others view videos.


  1. Brain Pop
  2. Game - Put skeleton together to form animal