Grade 6 : Standard 8 - The Atmosphere

Conceptual Strand 8

The earth is surrounded by an active atmosphere and an energy system that controls the distribution life, local weather, climate, and global temperature.

Guiding Question 8

How do the physical characteristics and the chemical makeup of the atmosphere influence surface processes and life on Earth?

Grade Level Expectations Checks for Understanding State Performance Indicators

GLE 0607.8.1 Design and conduct an investigation to determine how the sun drives atmospheric convection.

GLE 0607.8.2 Describe how the sunís energy produces the wind.

GLE 0607.8.3 Investigate the relationship between currents and oceanic temperature differences.

GLE 0607.8.4 Analyze meteorological data to predict weather conditions.

607.8.1 Recognize how convection currents in the atmosphere produce wind.

607.8.2 Design an experiment to investigate differences in the amount of the sunís energy absorbed by a variety of surface materials.

607.8.3 Design an experiment to demonstrate how ocean currents are associated with the sunís energy.

607.8.4 Analyze ocean temperature data to demonstrate how these conditions affect the weather in nearby land masses.

607.8.5 Interpret data found on ocean current maps.

607.8.6 Use data collected from instruments such as a barometer, thermometer, psychrometer, and anemometer to describe local weather conditions.

SPI 0607.8.1 Analyze data to identify events associated with heat convection in the atmosphere.

SPI 0607.8.2 Recognize the connection between the sunís energy and the wind.

SPI 0607.8.3 Describe how temperature differences in the ocean account for currents.

SPI 0607.8.4 Interpret meteorological data to make predictions about the weather.


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