Grade 5 : Standard 6 - The Universe

Conceptual Strand 6

The cosmos is vast and explored well enough to know its basic structure and operational principles.

Guiding Question 6

What big ideas guide human understanding about the origin and structure of the universe, Earth’s place in the cosmos, and observable motions and patterns in the sky?

Grade Level Expectations Checks for Understanding State Performance Indicators

GLE 0507.6.1 Compare planets based on their known characteristics.

GLE 0507.6.2 Recognize that charts can be used to locate and identify star patterns.

0507.6.1 Develop a chart that communicates the major characteristics of each planet.

0507.6.2 Use images of the night sky to identify different seasonal star patterns.

0507.6.3 Research a star pattern using a chart.


SPI 0507.6.1 Distinguish among the planets according to their known characteristics such as appearance, location, composition, and apparent motion.

SPI 0507.6.2 Select information from a complex data representation to draw conclusions about the planets.

SPI 0507.6.3 Identify methods methods and tools for identifying star patterns.


Distinguish among the planets according to specific characteristics.


Students worked in cooperative learning groups. The task was to create a chart with characteristics of each of the main planets. Students then created questions about the planets. Finally the information was presented to the class.