Grade 5 : Standard 8 - The Atmosphere

Conceptual Strand 8

The earth is surrounded by an active atmosphere and an energy system that controls the distribution life, local weather, climate, and global temperature.

Guiding Question 8

How do the physical characteristics and the chemical makeup of the atmosphere influence surface processes and life on Earth?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding State Performance Indicators

GLE 0507.8.1 Analyze and predict how major landforms and bodies of water affect atmospheric conditions.

0507.8.1 Compare the climates of coastal and inland areas at similar latitudes to demonstrate the ocean’s impact on weather and climate.

0507.8.2 Use land maps to demonstrate how mountain ranges affect weather and climate.

0507.8.3 Use weather maps of the United States to graph temperature and precipitation for inland and coastal regions.

0507.8.4 Use local environmental information to analyze how weather and climate are affected by landforms and bodies of water.

SPI 0507.8.1 Describe the effects of the oceans on weather and climate.

SPI 0507.8.2 Explain how mountains affect weather and climate.


Coastal and Landlocked Climates 0507.8.1  & 0507.8.3

Land and Sea Breezes

Source of Information

*Colored Convection with Wendy Wind*

Circulation of Water and Wind (Currents)



Information from PowerPoint