Grade 4 : Standard 7 – The Earth

Conceptual Strand 7

Major geologic events that occur over eons or brief moments in time continually shape and reshape the surface of the Earth, resulting in

continuous global change.

Guiding Question 7

How is the earth affected by long-term and short term geological cycles and the influence of man?

Grade Level Expectations

Checks for Understanding

State Performance Indicators

GLE 0407.7.1 Investigate how the Earth’s geological features change as a result of erosion (weathering and transportation) and deposition.

GLE 0407.7.2 Evaluate how some earth materials can be used to solve human problems and enhance the quality of life.


0407.7.1 Prepare a demonstration to illustrate how wind and water affect the earth’s surface features.

0407.7.2 Design an investigation to demonstrate how erosion and deposition change the earth’s surface.

0407.7.3 List factors that determine the appropriate use of an earth material.

0407.7.4 Use data from a variety of informational texts to analyze and evaluate man’s impact on non-renewable resources.

SPI 0407.7.1 Design a simple model to illustrate how the wind and movement of water alter the earth’s surface.

SPI 0407.7.2 Analyze how different earth materials are utilized to solve human problems or improve the quality of life.


How Wind and Water Change the Earth’s Geological Features

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Earth materials are utilized to solve human problems or improve the quality of life

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