The Whipping Boy

by Sid Fleischman




Prince Horace, nicknames Prince Brat, constantly creates mischief. But because of the custom of the time, he does not receive punishment. A whipping boy steps in to receive the whipping. Prince Horace becomes bored with his circumstances, so he forces his whipping boy Jemmy to run away for a little adventure. The two are soon captured by a couple of cutthroats who want a ransom from the king. Read this novel by Sid Fleischman to find out how Prince Horace and Jemmy survive in the hands of these cutthroats.


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Comparing Book Covers

Prefix & Suffix Activities

A Real World Example

Flashcard Practice

The History behind Whipping Boys
(Have students highlight words which contain prefixes and suffixes.)

The History behind Whipping Boys
(PowerPoint showing Answers)

Writing Activity with Prefixes and Suffixes

Anchor Charts



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