The Lightning Thief


The Lightning Thief

#1 [Anchor Chart]

The Lightning Thief Book Unit contains 9 different prefix and suffix foldable graphic organizers going over definitions and rules plus three game-like activities to practice with these rules. The practice includes:

  • super-

  • inter-

  • sub-

  • -fy

  • -ic

  • -some

  • Verbs to Nouns ~ Suffixes That Change Words into Nouns

  • Groups of People ~ Suffixes can turn verbs and adjectives into nouns.

  • Suffixes that Change ~ Adjectives to Nouns

#2 [Blog Post]

"Seven Ideas to use when Teaching The Lightning Thief" blog post is scheduled to go live on January 21, 2016. Included in the post is this free printable to map Percy's trip across the United States. Click on the image to go to the post.


#3 [Free Sample]

Download this free sample from 
The Lightning Thief Book Unit

Free Sample from The Lightning Thief Book Unit

Free Sample from The Lightning Thief


 #4 [Full Unit for Sale]

Do you need additional materials to teach The Lightning Thief? You can purchase the full book unit at Teachers pay Teachers. See a few sample pages below:


Comprehension Check for Each Chapter consisting of Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, and Short Answer

24 Constructive Writing Questions Aligned to the Common Core State Standards


Skill Practice Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

Prefixes and Suffixes Word Lists and Organizers
Prefix and Suffix Puzzles
Prefix Game
Suffix Word Lists Organizers (Changing Verbs and Adjectives to Nouns)
Suffix BINGO
Root Word Lists and Organizers
Root Word Activity
Figurative Language Response Cards
Figurative Language Organizers
Context Clues Organizers
Context Clues Task Cards