Worksheet  (Gas During the Week)

The address of my hotel is



Go to the link called Driving Directions. Find out how many miles from your hotel to each event you will be visiting. Note: The Planner has the addresses for many places you will be visiting.

  # of  Miles to Place Visited
from Hotel
# of  Miles to Place Visited
from Hotel

Total # of Miles to Entertainment Spot           ________________
Multiply the total by two for your return trip.               X 2

I will be traveling _________ miles.

What size car do you have? Go to the link called Trip Expenses. After you get to this page click on the link called Cost of Driving.  My car gets _______________ miles to a gallon of gas.

To determine the amount of money you will need to get to your motel follow the steps below.

# of miles traveled                                                         ____________

divided by 

# of miles your car can travel on one gallon of gas   ____________

multiplied by the cost of one gallon of gas  ($1.30)

Write this amount  on your Expense Log.