Lesson Planning Form

UNIT / CHAPTER: Measurement Unit

Skill Telling Time with a standard or digital clock

Essential Question: (with key questions if necessary)

Why do we need clocks?

Activating Thinking Strategies: (ex: kwl, word maps, wordsplash)

Students write a list of the activities they do on a typical school day.

Choose examples from the students that list times with their activities such as

7:00 wake up

7:15 eat breakfast

Show these examples to the class and discuss the importance of being able to read clocks.

Read book: The Grouchy Ladybug

Compare the schedules in the first activity to that of the ladybug.

Discuss the confusion our world would be in without clocks.



Teaching Strategies: (ex. graphic organizers, distributed

practice / summarizing, etc.)

Clock pattern for students to make their own clock


Worksheet with clock patterns - You add the hands and times



Summarizing Strategies: (ex. Ticket Out the Door, 3-1, etc.)

(answer essential question)

Students answer the essential question.

Students tell time on a clock for a Ticket Out the Door.


Extending / Refining Activity: (thinking skills and or writing prompts)


Assignment and / or Assessment

Math Level B pages 99 - 108
  • Pg. 99 - 100 - telling time to the hour and half hour
  • Pg. 101 - 102 - telling time to the 5 minute interval
  • Pg. 103 -104 - adding hours
  • Pg. 105 - 106 - adding minutes
  • Pg. 107 - 108 - telling time to the minute interval

Math Level C pages 85 - 88

  • Pg. 85 - 86 - review telling time by the hour, half-hour, and quarter hour
  • Pg. 87 - 88 - telling time to the one minute interval

Math Level D pages 143 - 146

  • Pg. 143 -144 - telling time on standard or digital clocks and telling time to the to the minute
  • Pg. 145 - 146 - using AM and PM

Re-Teaching Focus and Strategy: (if necessary)

Pages on Our Mountain City Elementary Website

Internet - Step by Step Directions Explaining How to Tell Time


Page 1 Telling Time to the 5 Minute Interval


Page 2 Telling Time to the Minute Interval

Page 3 Understanding How to Add Times on a Clock


Page 4 Adding Minutes and Hours



Page 5 Understanding How to Subtract Times on a Clock


Page 6 Subtracting Minutes and Hours





This section contains resource and links for lesson planning.

http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/schools/ -Schools Online

http://www.thegateway.org -Educational Materials

http://www.teachers-connect.net/ -Teachers Connect

http://www.ed.gov/free/ -Free Stuff for Teachers

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Additional Links

Online Games for Students to Practice Telling Time

Fun Brain Telling Time Match http://www2.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/fm.cgi?A1=s&ASEP=TRUE&A2=20&A35=2&INSTRUCTS=1

What Time is It? http://www.primarygames.com/time/start.htm

What time is it?

Time Experience http://www.edu4kids.com/clock/

Can You Tell Time http://www.kidscarnival.com/Time1.html

Math Matching (clocks) http://www.harcourt-school.com/activity/con_math/g03c05.html

Double Fun Math (Choose clocks and time.) http://www.funbrain.com/match2/index.html

Time Experience Tables for Kids http://www.edu4kids.com/clock/