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Native Americans

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Native American Links

Native American Chart

Use the chart to navigate through the reports on Native Americans.

Native American Map

Use the map to navigate through the reports on Native Americans.


Famous Native Americans

Learn about many famous Native Americans such as Sitting Bull or Pocahontas.

Native American Crafts

   Northwest Coast


Native American Test

After reading the reports test yourself to see how much you learned.


Check out this blog post article to learn where you can find additional free resources for your Native American Unit.

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Students having a Living Museum

Free Native American Lap Book

American History FREE Native American Lap Book

You can download these great foldable organizers to accompany the information found on this website at Printable Lapbook. This link will take you to the PDF that contains links to the Google Slide Version of the organizers.

Other Native American Teaching Materials

UOP --- Teachers were required to write a U.O.P. after a training workshop I attended. This link takes you to the one I wrote. You will notice from the software suggestions that this was written a number of years ago. It does contain some good teaching suggestions and handouts, so I decided to include it here. The bulleted links below are quicklinks to some of the resources found in the U.O.P.

Additional Resources

10 Day Lesson Plan by Native American Group

Creative Writing

Native American Art Designs

Early Civilizations Chart

PowerPoint Presentation

Unit Test

Vocabulary Test