Soc Studies
Native Americans
Recognize that people and events influence history.1. Examine elements of Native American culture (e.g., shelter, food, dress)

Day 1  Overview (white pages)

United Steaming

Day 2  North & Northwest Tribes

Online Coloring

The NW Coastal (green pages)

Day 3 

The Nez Perce (yellow pages)

California (orange pages)

Day 4 Plains Indians

The Sioux (blue pages)

United Streaming -The Legend of Scarface: An Indian Folktale (05:28)

Day 5 Southwest Indians

Navajo (pink pages)

Pueblo (green pages)

Apache (yellow pages)

Day 6   Northeast Indians

Iroquois  (orange pages)

United Streaming New York Up Close: Native Americans (27:54)

(blue pages)

Day 7 Southwest

Cherokee (pink pages)

Seminole  (green pages)

Day 8

Review and finish projects