August 25-29  Soc Studies  - Geography
North America Maps (Locate North, South, East, West, Atlantic & Pacific Oceans)
GG.2. Understand how to use maps, globes, and other geographic representations, tools and technologies
7. Define and use directions (i.e., N, S, E, W)


  1. Velcro Map
    Have students place the labels for North, South, East, and West and Atlantic & Pacific Oceans on the correct locations on the map.

  2. Worksheets in students' notebooks:

  3. Extra Easy Worksheets to run off (if needed)

  4. File Folder Games

  5. Go outside with compasses and find N S E W. Use chalk to draw a Compass Rose on parking lot next to the small playground where there won't be many cars.

  6. Use Play Dough to cover North America map (blue for water and green for land).

  7. Have students draw a map of the classroom. (David could build a town out of blocks and toy cars.)

  8. Online Activities for the Computer Lab

  9. PowerPoint Map Elements