Timeline of Important Dates


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  How a Bill Becomes a Law
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  Article III - Judicial Branch
  Lesson 5 - Bill of Rights



1777 Congress plans the Articles of Confederation.
September 17, 1787 The Constitution is approved by all 12 delegations
December 7, 1787 Delaware is the first state to ratify the Constitution.
December 12, 1787 Pennsylvania ratifies the Constitution.
December 18, 1787 New Jersey ratifies the Constitution.
January 2, 1788 Georgia ratifies the Constitution.
January 9, 1788 Connecticut ratifies the Constitution.
February 6, 1788 Massachusetts ratifies the Constitution - after 9 amendments are proposed.
April 28, 1788 Maryland ratifies the Constitution.
May 23, 1788 South Carolina ratifies the Constitution.
June 21, 1788 The Constitution becomes official with New Hampshire ratifies it.
June 25, 1788 Virginia ratifies the Constitution.
July 26, 1788 New York ratifies the Constitution.
February 4, 1789 George Washington is selected as the first President of the new government, and John Adams as the Vice President.
March 4, 1789 The first U.S. Congress meets in New York City
April 30, 1789 George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States.
September 24, 1789 Congress establishes a Supreme Court, 13district courts, 3 circuit courts, and the position of Attorney General.
November 21, 1789 North Carolina ratifies the Constitution.
May 29, 1790 Rhode Island ratifies the Constitution.
December 15, 1791 Virginia ratifies the Bill of Rights and amendments become part of the U.S. Constitution.