Quiz 3 Checks and Balances of the Government

1. To make sure that no one branch of government would become too strong, the writers of the Constitution built in a series of -----.

a) checks and balances
b) scales and weight
c) rights and wrongs
d) true and false

2. If the Congress passes a bill and the President refuses to sign it that is called a -----.

a) dead bill
b) refusal act
c) impeachment
d) veto

3. After a veto, two-thirds of the Congress must vote if the bill is to become ------.

a) a bill
b) a law
c) a rule

4. A representative form of government is on in which -----.

a) all the people vote directly for new laws
b) the people vote for representatives who make the laws for them
c) no laws are necessary
d) the President makes the laws

5. If the President wants a law passed, he must -----.

a) pass it alone
b) ask the courts to pass it
c) ask the Congress to pass it
d) ask the American people to pass it

6. Name one of the three branches of government.

7. Name a different branch of government.

8. Name the third branch of government.

9. Which two bodies make up the legislative branch?

a) President and Vice President
b) House of Representatives and Senate
c) Supreme Court Judges and Lawyers

10. The person who heads the executive branch is the
a) the President
b) the Congress
c) the Supreme Court

11. Which is the most important of the three courts in the judicial branch?
a) Supreme Court
b) Appeals Courts
c) District Courts

12. Which are the lowest courts in the judicial branch?
a) Supreme Court
b) Appeals Courts
c) District Courts

13. The ----- branch of government may decide if a law is unconstitutional.

a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial

14. The main reason for the legislative branch of government is to -----.

a) make sure the laws are carried out
b) make the laws
c) start wars
d) elect the President

15. The branch of government that controls the federal courts is the ----- branch.

a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial


1. (a)
2. (d)
3. (b)
4. (b)
5. (c)
6. Legislative

7. Legislative

8. Legislative

9. (b)
10. (a)
11. (a)
12. (c)
13. (c)
14. (b)
15. (c)