Root Words

Anchor Charts

Enjoy these activities to help teach the skill root words to your students.

Root Words
Root Words

Both of these anchor charts are good examples of ones students can create. Imagine placing students into small groups. Each group is assigned one root word to use. On a large piece of paper, they draw a tree shape, or cut out a shape from construction paper, and write words that contain the root on the tree. Under the tree, students write the root word and its meaning.

The second chart could also easily be assigned as a small group project. Draw the grid lines on chart paper for the students. Each group completes one line of the chart by adding their assigned root word, example, illustration, and meaning.

Additional Root Word Resources

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Do you need some additional materials for teaching root words? Check out this unit on Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Root Words Printable

Root Words Printable

Organizers and/or practice for the following root words are included:

fin, tract, graph, meter, rupt, tele, aud son phon, spec, form, amour, aqua, phobia, bio, carn, chron, cracy, derm, terra, geo, and photo

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