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Organizer Idea

1. Cut paper into approximately 1 by 5 inch strips.

2. Cut an additional piece of paper 1 by 7 inches long.

3.  Stack the pages together with the 7 inch piece on the bottom.

4. Line all the pages evenly at one end and staple them together to form a book with turning pages.

5. Students write the prefix on the 7 inch piece of paper. On each page of the stack, they write an additional word that can be used with the prefix.

6. The book flips where each word can be read and discussed. Our books contained 8 pages; however, you can make them with more or fewer pages.

See a few sample pages below:








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The Whipping Boy at Teachers Pay Teachers

See a few sample pages below:


The page to the left turns into pockets for storing prefix  and suffix cards.

Practice Pages